Cool things I found while wasting time online #7

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) in one week. These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork.

Since I wasn’t feeling too great last week, I didn’t really loiter around the web and preferred to cuddle on the sofa and listen to different podcasts. So this week’s list is rather short and very podcast heavy.

  • Spilled Milk – this is a podcast where two people meet up in a kitchen to talk about a food ingredient and cook stuff (sometimes) with it every episode. Sometimes they just buy a variety of a food type and taste the difference between them. As they say, it’s a podcast where they cook something, eat it all and we, the listeners, can’t have any. It’s a silly podcast mostly and the hosts tend to have a juvenile sense of humor, but it’s great to listen to when I do the dishes or cook. Sadly their episodes list seems to be broken at the moment, but there are still some episodes available on the front page that you can check out if you like.
  • Imaginary Worlds – This podcast caters to my geeky needs in a more sophisticated and intriguing manners. It raises some interesting topics about fantasy and sci-fi that I really like (for instance how superhero costumes are made) and occasionally hosts a thematic interview with people involved (there was a very interesting bit with Josh Whedon where fanfiction about Spike’s leather jacket was mentioned) or creates a radio play-like narrative about a subject (like the one where the show’s host did research on Cthulhu and ended up in a very Lovecraft-esque narrative path himself). It’s a great listen and the host’s voice is pretty nice.
  • LORE – Now this one is simply amazing. This podcast is kind of in a storytelling format, with nice background music and a fantastic narrating voice. It’s also pretty scary, so yesterday for instance I had to turn it off in the middle of the day and wait for my boyfriend to get home before I dared to continue listening. Each episode is about a real life scary story. Sure it tells you about ghosts, legends of witches and elves, mysterious events and places, but most of the times the true history and reasons behind things are more common than people would think. Frequently the ghosts and demons and terrible forces fade into the background and you are once again reminded that real monsters walk among us every day and now that is the scariest thought of them all.
  • I also want to share this informercial about declawing cats. Honestly, don’t be a monster, don’t do this to your animal 😦

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀

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