Walks and boat rides and high up places

This post is about a lazy, but an active day in Southern Estonia.

 The circle of the sun. In the morning we puttered around Mähkli küla while the boys were fixing their enduro bikes.

 Kitty strut


 A bird in the trees. Boyfriend snapped this one.

 A wood sorrel blossom

 Later we walked to a nearby lake to maybe catch some fish. The boat had filled with water during the winter so Liia had to shovel it all out. Boyfriend took this photo. And where was I? I unhelpfully took a quick nap on the very warm wooden pier.

 Some rowing and fishing. Another snap from boyfriend.

 The creeper in the woods

 Rings of life

 A mossy cross. We made a stop at a local graveyard when driving to an observation tower.

 View from the Tellingumäe Observation Tower. I was so proud of myself for actually climbing up the observation tower (I can’t stand heights), but boyfriend took this photo again, because I was too freaked out by the height to handle the camera xD

 Since it was Walpurgis Night or Volbriöö in Estonian, there was bonfire in the evening and even some witches were out and about.

 The fire lord


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