My poor feet

My boyfriend lost his GoPro camera during one of the enduro (I am so sick of auto correct changing this word into “endure” without me noticing, ugh!) races he took part last winter. Since no one found it after the race, we asked if we could walk through the track once the snow was melted and the land owner was okay with that. The track was about 5-6 km long, but since the ground was wet and muddy and since there were many many many uphill climbs and slippery descents, it took us quite a while to walk through it xD My poor feet were pretty wet and hurting afterwards xD I had actually brought along rubber boots for the trip, but my brain glitched up and I forgot to put them on.

Sadly, we didn’t find the camera. Either we just missed it or it had been buried under the dirt when bikes drove by or someone had already found it and decided to keep it. It was still a pretty awesome trek however.



 Was this a birth or a death?

 That funny mushroom again. Apparently it’s called the Scarlet Elf Cup 😀 and Verev Karikseen in Estonian. I like that name.

 A decorating burden


 The racetrack


 An orange glow


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