Lost in e-mail… 5. May 2016

 Mashed potatoes with cottage cheese salad

 Fazer Tutti Frutti fruity choco. These are the best things ever.

 Cappucino and a wiener pastry. Boyfriend had a wiener pastry also and a slice of delicious cake.

 Mojito @ La Tabla

Do you guys perhaps remember when I wrote about my fantastic birthday dinner that we had at La Tabla? Well things went a bit funny after we got back home. When we were paying for our dinner, my boyfriend didn’t really look over the check, that was brought to our table; he just glanced at the sum and paid. The waitress did ask us if we didn’t want to check whether everything was correct on the receipt, but we were in a good mood and boyfriend told her that we would trust her. We left her a tip and left.

At home, I picked up the receipt again so I could add it to an excel spreadsheet I created to keep track of our expenses and to my horror realized that none of the foods and drinks listed there matched what we had eaten in the restaurant. The price was about 15 euros too much. Well bummer. So I snapped a photo of the receipt and e-mailed it to the restaurant with my blog post that had photos of what we had actually eaten that evening. I waited for a week for a response, but none came, so I wrote to them again, saying that I would still like a response from them even if they decided not to pay back the 15 euros we overpaid and that their silence over the matter did not show them in a very good light. Another week went past and still no reply. By this point I was rather angry over the matter, I mean an apology the least would have been nice, so I did a mean thing and wrote my entire experience down in their facebook review.

A short while later I got contacted by the restaurant through facebook. Apparently they were aware of the mix-up and were waiting for us to contact them. It turned out they had been having trouble with their e-mail provider, so many people were complaining that they were not getting responses from the restaurant, but that was because they were not actually receiving any of the e-mails. Had I called the restaurant instead, the mess would have been fixed long ago. So they had no idea I had been trying to contact them. I forwarded my e-mails to the manager’s personal e-mail and he apologized profusely. At first I said I was just fine with an apology and that the matter is now sorted by my books, but the manager insisted we accept some sort of token of apology from them, so we agreed on the overpaid 15 euros becoming a voucher that was worth one three course dinner for two.

I know I should have called the restaurant instead of sending an e-mail, but I really hate talking to people on the phone and it didn’t even cross my mind that there was a possibility of my e-mails not going through. Also the entire ordeal was partly our own fault, because we didn’t check the receipt on the spot. So it was really very nice of them to offer us the dinner as a compensation for the upset we had felt. The food was amazing this time around as well and I really want to go back there when they renew their menu. I hope they’ll manage to figure out how to offer tamales, I’d love some tamales. Anyhow, our dinner:

 White marlin ceviche served with sweet potato puree. This was so delicious, holy guacamole!

 Guacamole, tomato salsa, bean puree, served with tortilla chips. These handmade tortilla chips were fantastic, no packaged tortilla chip will ever do again I feel xD

 I had chicken legs marinated in corn beer, with spinach orsoto, red onion-chilli-cucumber and coriander salad.

 Boyfriend ate grilled beef skewers served with a mixture of three rice and three homemade salsas.

 For dessert I had coconut pudding with avocado-banana cream which was amazing.

 Boyfriend had a super creamy Colombian cheesecake.

I fixed the facebook review afterwards. At first boyfriend wondered if doing that would be biased, because we did get an almost free dinner, but I don’t think so, because our initial reaction was very good to the restaurant, we loved the food and the atmosphere, it was just one person’s mistake and some technical glitches that soured the experience afterwards. It had nothing to do with the actual quality of the restaurant. So I too apologize for the hassle and I really hope they will get their e-mail service fixed if they haven’t already :p

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