Luige Country Fair 2016

There was a country fair near our city and I really wanted to go and see some farm animals, so I pestered my boyfriend until he relented and drove me there. The fair was huge it giant section of farming equipment, all sorts of plants and tree saplings, handicraft and foods all for show and for sale too. I was most excited about the farm (and exotic) animal exhibition. I kind of wish that the tent where most of the animals were placed under had more windows open or a better ventilation some other way, because it was rather stuffy under there and some of the furrier animals (like foxes) seemed to be too hot 😦

But still, it was a great fair and I had fun walking round there. I saw alpacas, ostriches, turkeys and kangaroos up close for the first time in my life; plus some other odd animals and birds. Later we bought some delicious farm produce and went home to enjoy it all.




 Scary things.

 Boats and tractors




 I think these were Chinse geese, but not too sure


 Turkeys are such weird birds

 Omnomnom in progress

 Different calves



 And another alpaca


 The tiniest horse ever

 Dried fish

7.May 2016

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