We spent the night on a tiny island, called Pähksaar, on Lake Võrtsjärv. It was a fantastic warm night and the sunset was absolutely breath taking. It was incredibly noisy as well with different birds making sounds, frogs croaking and fish jumping from the water. I managed to record a little bit of it on my Instagram so you can listen to it there if you’d like.

We went to the sauna, ate freshly smoked fish and just enjoyed it all. Such bliss.

 Seagull taking flight

 Just sticking out here on my own

 Magical sunset

 An authentic water reed roof. Pretty cool.

 The sunset taking on different hues now.

 Night has fallen upon the island.

I also put together a video of our boat ride to the island. The footage is crooked and shaky, but I found it pretty none the less.

10. May 2016

5 thoughts on “Pähksaar

  1. isepaperandcraft says:

    This is indeed amazingly magical and beautiful. You have managed to capture great photos and record/compile a breathtaking ride over the silent water. Thank you so much for sharing! One can only imagine what it must have been like in real life (lots of blood-hungry gnats?;)).


    • annika says:

      Aww, thank you, I’m glad you liked 🙂
      There were a couple of mosquitoes around, but the general lack of annoying tiny flying biting machines was actually surprising 😀


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