Öörännak… 14. May 2016

 A meatball baguette and coffee from a gas station. The baguette wasn’t very tasty as the mustard on it was sweet as fuck. Eww.

 Mashed potatoes with chicken liver sauce, some carrot salad and rye bread with some sort of spread (couldn’t really tell what it was)

Throughout the rest of the evening we snacked on energy bars, chocolate, nuts and sausage sandwiches, but it was super dark to take a picture.

We went to an event called Öörännak (Night Wandering) with my boyfriend, our friend Marit and her friends. The idea was to walk 19 kilometres in the woods at night, but since we got lost a few times we ended up walking 22,39 kilometres instead xD The entire hike took us 6 hours and 20 minutes (started at around 9PM and finished around 3:30AM). It was exhausting, but fun. We had to orientate around the woods with a map and follow a certain story-line about a missing research team in a quarantine zone that unraveled through information in the checkpoints and through different puzzles you had to complete along the way. Creepy with “Silent Hill” sirens, “28 Days Later” soundtrack and biohazard signs all around xD I’d love to go again if the event is repeated next year, but then with better shoes (mine broke about half way through and started hurting my feet) and maybe with a smaller group (I think we were altogether 16 people and it was difficult to stay in group as some people walked super fast).

 When it was still light outside

 Puzzle time. To be honest, had I been in charge of the map or the puzzles, we would have gotten lost at the first crossroad and would have solved 0 puzzles xD I’ll be the first to die during a zombie apocalypse :p

 Red lights and sirens blaring.

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