Headache of the century… 21. May 2016

 Coffee and a crappy ham and cheese sandwich from a gas station

 Meatballs, baked potatoes, sour cream salad and some apple juice

 A.Le Coq Premium Nippel beer. It was okay I guess.

We also had minced meat pizza for dinner…


We went to help my boyfriend’s friend, Karel, carry firewood out of the forest. Well the guys did the firewood carrying, I helped out with food preparations and watched a really weird movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt called “Brick” with Karel’s girlfriend.

At some point I got a bad stomach ache… perhaps it was the bad sandwich I ate in the morning or the new beer I tried or perhaps I just got hit by some bug… but in the end I spent the majority of the day sleeping and running to the bathroom. I felt decent again in the evening, still weak, but okay. However, when we went to sleep I suddenly developed a terrible headache just when I was about to fall asleep. It was really bad, I could no longer lie down as that felt like something was crushing my brain behind my eyeballs… so I was crying and could no fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. I ended up causing a fuss and waking people up… I feel so bad about it, but my boyfriend couldn’t find me any painkillers on his own. I finally got some painkillers and thankfully eventually they worked so I could fall asleep. Had they not worked, my boyfriend was ready to drive me to the nearest hospital. Thankfully the headache was gone by morning.

I have no clue what this all was. Maybe it was an after effect to the potential stomach bug I had, perhaps I hadn’t gotten enough fluids during the day, who knows. It was terrible and I really hope I’ll never experience anything like that again.

Being ill is awful, but being ill when not at home in your own environment is even worse.

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