Back to the city… 26. June 2016

 Corn flakes with milk and a cup of coffee

 Really nice yoghurt smoothie from Farmi: blueberry-banana with chia seeds and oats.

 White bread with butter and honey

 Kalev marzipan candy

 Fried potatoes, grilled bacon and tomato-cucumber sour cream salad

 Instant noodles with sour cream and oven baked panko crusted fish

Sunburn… 25. June 2016

 Porridge and coffee

 What the Fruit black currant & cherry snack bar and some water.

I was sitting in the shade of a tree to hide from the sun and read this really bad book. The shade didn’t help and I got a bad sunburn. Feh. The book didn’t get any better either as it progressed. I can’t stand most of the characters as they are either super one dimensional or idiotically obnoxious; the story is full of plot holes and it just irks me so much how superficial and inconsistent most things are. As far bad books go, I’d say it’s better than “Fifty Shades of Gray” (which I tried reading, but had to drop, because it cause me mental agony with how awful it was) but worse than “Twilight” which is saying a lot, considering I didn’t really like “Twilight” that much either.

 Grilled meat and tomato sandwiches

 Some strawberries

 Liia made cinnamon pull apart bread. It was delicious.

 Oven baked potatoes with cucumber-tomato sour cream salad and rye bread with sõir

The Midsummer’s Laziness Continues (24.06.2016)

 Our makeshift Midsummer’s Eve bonfire made with alcohol. It’s so pretty.

 Little froggy (boyfriend’s photo)

 Me, trying to unsuccessfully hide from the sun. I ended up burning my hands and shoulders badly, even though I thought I was hiding in the shade 😦 (boyfriend’s photo)

 Fun in the lake (boyfriend’s photo)

 This pretty moth was hanging out at the outdoor kitchen.

The food overdose continues… 24. June 2016

 Some Tosca cake

 A pancake with fresh strawberry jam

 Corn flakes with milk

 Plum wine and sandwich with sõir

 Ice cream


 A sandwich with sõir and another one with grilled meat

 We all snacked on some chocolate filled cookies

 Plum wine, lasagna, onion-sour cream sauce and some tomato-cucumber salad

Midsummers Eve aka the National Day of Overeating… 23. June 2016

 Coffee, rye bread with butter, tomato and cucumber.

 Ate several pieces of fried fish.

 We picked a whole mug of wild strawberries 8D

 Chocolate ice cream

 Radler (beer mixed with lemonade)

 White bread with butter, tomato and pepper.

 Some chili flavoured tortilla chips with sour cream dip

 Plum wine

 Grilled sausages and white bread with butter

 Some grilled wieners too

Too.Much.Food.*groan* But it was good.

I am experimenting with trying to get brighter colours on my photos lately, but… are they instead too over exposed with light perhaps?

Uulu (22.Jun 2016)

We spent an evening with my grandparents. We had an early Midsummers Eve celebration with grilled food, ate some wild strawberries and went for a walk near the seaside at sunset.

 Delicious little vitamin bites





 The love of my life

 Ominously beautiful

Visiting grandparents… 22. June 2016

 Some sausage and cucumber sandwiches on the road. We also had coffee.

 Jäämari popsicles: chocolate and strawberry smoothie. I ate the chocolate one and it was super delicious.


 Pickled cucumbers, some onion, tomato with dill and savoury sauce to go with dinner.

 Everything mentioned above with some grilled meat. I also had some buttered white bread and vodka with juice.

 Doughnuts and coffee for dessert :p