Wild garlic is awesome… 23. May 2016

 Coffee, wheat porridge with peanut butter bits

 An apple

 Tonkatsu flavoured Umaibo

 Wild garlic pesto risotto with chicken and a sausage-cucumber sandwich

3 thoughts on “Wild garlic is awesome… 23. May 2016

  1. elle says:

    I love your posts. You always make such interesting dishes! I haven’t had an umaibo in ages, but those things are awesome! The last one I had was natto flavoured haha. Tonkatsu sounds like it would be good, too! 😛

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    • annika says:

      I’m glad you like my posts 😀 Food is amazing and there are so many different flavours out there, so I try to try different things and enjoy different foods if I can 😀 Life is more interesting that way.
      I hadn’t had an Umaibo for years as well, so it brought back some nostalgic memories when I found it in the Japanese snack box I subscribe to. The tonkatsu flavour was new to me too. I think before I have tried corn and ketchup flavours, but not natto xD I haven’t had anything natto flavoured I think, not even natto itself :p


      • elle says:

        Haha I think the natto umaibo was a special product of Mito, which is famous for its natto. You can get all sorts of natto flavored snacks there. Their mascot is even a giant natto named Nabaaru hehehe. But yes, I totally agree! Being adventurous with food makes life fun 😀

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