School lunch nostalgia… 4. June 2016

A slice of cheesecake and some coffee

 Some watermelon and a sad lonely leftover strawberry

 A sandwich with salted salmon

 When I was in middle school, lunch was usually the highlight of my school day. I mostly loved the food that came from our school kitchen (unless it had raisins or dried fruit in it and I also hated that they put a gross tasting jam in milk-, caramel- and chocolate kissel and thus ruined them for me) and one of my most favourite things ever was boiled potatoes with minced meat sauce and shredded beetroot salad. When I was extra lucky a classmate didn’t like it, so I got to eat their share, or someone was missing from school that day and I could “steal” their leftover food. Sometimes I ended up eating 2-3 servings during lunch xD
I tried to re-create that school lunch and it turned out good enough, but the sauces I make never get close to the ones we had at school. Not sure what I do wrong.

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