Street food… 11. June 2016

 Ate some leftover rice for breakfast (it had tuna, wakame, carrots and cauliflower in it)

 Spring rolls with sweet- and hot sauce that I shared with my boyfriend.

We went and strolled through Tallinn Street Food Festival @ Telliskivi Loomelinnak with the boy. It was raining and for whatever reason we didn’t take an umbrella with us, so it was uncomfortably wet and cold. However due to the rainy weather it wasn’t as crowded at the event, so we got to walk around more freely than any of the previous years and got our food relatively quickly.

 My beef and mozzarella wrap from ÖKU. It was so juicy and delicious.

Also two wrap stalls told me to bugger off before I got to the ÖKU stall xD A falafel wrap place was so busy with their orders they didn’t want to take any new ones and another wrap stall had run out of all things I would have gladly eaten.

 Coffee and a chili con carne burrito from Mero Mero food truck for my boyfriend.

The burrito was also super juicy and delicious. The combination of chili and guacamole was really great in a burrito. We had to wait about 20 minutes for the burrito, so I jumped into a bicycle store next to the truck, because they advertised selling coffee and warm coffee sounded so good. The bicycle store seemed to be a hipster hub, so I got long awkward stares when I stepped in there from all the heavily bearded guys XD So weeeeeeird… I felt out of place in my hoodie and ripped jeans xD

 Coffee and a cinnamon-sugar doughnut. The doughnut was okay albeit a bit dry. I wish it would have had some sort of filling to make it a bit juicier.

 I didn’t feel like cooking dinner and since we had had a late lunch and a doughnut snack anyway, I ended up eating a banana and some peanut butter for dinner.


 My boyfriend hiding under a tree from the rain with his food.

Later we went and bought me some workout shoes, a tent and a giant pack of cat food. Day well spent.

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