Cool things I found while wasting time online #13

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) in one week. These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork.

  • A friend of mine shared this article, “Why we’re terrified of fanfiction,” on her facebook page and as someone, who has taken part of different fandoms and has written/read fanfiction for the bigger part of my life, I found this to be an interesting read. Why is fandom considered to be dangerous? Why is fanfiction frowned upon? This article tried to find some of the causes and give an overview of the ongoing discussions on the matters.
  • I really really really need to try this Roasted Asparagus Bacon Cauliflower Crusted Pizza. My only problem is that asparagus costs a fuckton 😦 I’d love to eat more asparagus, but I can only afford it as a rare treat really.
  • This short story “Ponies” was a really good listen. It delves into the issue of fitting in and the sacrifices one has to make to do so. It’s really disturbing how gruesome and terrible this story really is, considering the setting feels half-magical and innocent.
    Summary of the story: If you want to be friends with The Other Girls, you’re going to have to give something up; this is the way it’s always been, as long as there have been Ponies.
  • I related a lot to these comic strips about How People Treat Mental Illness Vs. How They Treat Physical Illness.
  • How It Got In Your Mouth is my latest favorite podcast I listen to. Official summary: A food anthropology podcast that uncovers the history of the world’s best culinary creations. Every episode, hosted by food writers Katherine Spiers and Erin Mosbaugh, will focus on one particular dish: Katherine explains how, when, and why it was created, and Erin tells you where to get the best versions of it now.
    I really like the historical aspect of the show that explains how and why different foods came to be and what led to the creation of different dishes. It’s really amazing how different the food culture used to be 50-100 years before.
  • Also, ramen doughnuts exists. Wow!

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀

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