Digimon… 14. June 2016

 Udon noodle soup with wakame

 Yuzu mochi ice cream and some coffee

 Meatloaf, fried rice with veggies and some salad with cottage cheese


I started watching the new digimon anime “Digimon Adventure tri.,” because I used to like the original series when I was younger. Wow, that anime is terrible xD It’s so cringe worthy and full of plot holes and annoying fan service. It also feels really cheap production wise and it annoys me so much that every character has the exact same face shape. One could take away the character’s hair and eyes colours and you couldn’t tell them apart. However, it’s super nostalgic and I really love some of the characters in it, so I guess I will continue watching it. I kind of got used to the fan service-y silliness as well and it’s mostly amusing me in a good way now.

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