Runs In The Family… 16. June 2016

 What the Fruit? Raspberry Smart Snack. I am in love with these chocolate and berry bars. They have a really delicious berry taste and the texture is so creamy-smooth. Not the healthiest breakfast, but I felt I needed something good and it was super delicious with my morning coffee.

 French fries, because I can’t really control myself when I am having a bad day.

 Chicken wonton soup with Tibetan bread @ Kathmandu Hill. The wontons were amazing and I really liked the bread.

 Crispy fried fish that was just perfect. I also had a glass of orange juice.


The night before I got a phone call in the middle of the night that left me pretty upset and unable to sleep. Bad news. Family drama. I was verging between numb and upset the entire day, but I tried to keep up with my daily chores and plans. I managed up until I was about to cook dinner and my boyfriend came home. Then my will kind of deflated and I was really not up to cooking dinner anymore. We ended up cuddling and half sleeping on the couch for a couple of hours with my boyfriend and then one of his friends called to invite us out to dinner. I suppose the end of the day was kind of nice and comforting, but… my mental state is not very good right now and every little thing can trigger more upset and hurt. I hope things get better and I hope my family gets better.

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