Visiting a friend… 20. June 2016

 A cup of coffee and some corn flakes with milk

 Fried up some leftover rice (with wieners and veggies) with some eggs

 Dinner at Maarja’s place: miso soup with wakame and shiitake, rice with minced meat and veggies, salad with cucumber, tomatoes and radishes. We also drank a whole bottle of red wine :p

 Yummy strawberry cookie cake. I had two slices.


Maarja invited me over for some wine and cookie cake, so I scrapped my original dinner plans and accepted the invite. It was really nice to sit in her kitchen and cook together while having some wine and chatting away. It was somewhat funny how we seriously agreed that a whole bottle of wine would be too much on a Monday evening and we probably couldn’t finish it anyway and then we did just that :p
Thank you for the lovely evening 🙂

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