Sunburn… 25. June 2016

 Porridge and coffee

 What the Fruit black currant & cherry snack bar and some water.

I was sitting in the shade of a tree to hide from the sun and read this really bad book. The shade didn’t help and I got a bad sunburn. Feh. The book didn’t get any better either as it progressed. I can’t stand most of the characters as they are either super one dimensional or idiotically obnoxious; the story is full of plot holes and it just irks me so much how superficial and inconsistent most things are. As far bad books go, I’d say it’s better than “Fifty Shades of Gray” (which I tried reading, but had to drop, because it cause me mental agony with how awful it was) but worse than “Twilight” which is saying a lot, considering I didn’t really like “Twilight” that much either.

 Grilled meat and tomato sandwiches

 Some strawberries

 Liia made cinnamon pull apart bread. It was delicious.

 Oven baked potatoes with cucumber-tomato sour cream salad and rye bread with sõir

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