Trial bikes… 30. July 2016

 A tuna onigiri. I ate several of such throughout the day.

 Apple juice with beetroot and black currants. This juice was awesomely tangy sour.

 Snacked on some peas.

 Vanilla ice cream.

 Mashed potatoes with liver sauce + some cucumber and tomato on the side.


My boyfriend took part of a trial’s competition and I accompanied him there. The trial bike competitions are different from the enduro ones; there isn’t one unified race track for a start, but instead different areas that the competitors have to climb through on their bikes without putting their feet down. The competitors got a minus point every time they set even one of their feet on the ground. The competition was far more slow paced and you could take your time between the 9 obstacle courses (that you had to go through 3 times), within the general time limit of course. Whilst during the enduro races, I usually picked a spot and camped out there, hoping to see my boyfriend drive by, then during the trial’s competition I could move along with him and see his entire attempt. I suppose in that sense, I enjoyed it more, because in all honesty, I don’t really care much about the other competitors even if they do have mad skills. However, it also meant I was mostly only photographing my boyfriend and whomever was on the track before him, so I didn’t get much interesting photo variety.

Boyfriend got 5th place, so a decent middle, considering there were 9 people altogether in the class he competed in. Not bad for the first try 🙂

It was a super hot day however and I ended up walking almost 10km between the obstacle tracks, taking photos and carrying a bottle of water for my boyfriend, so I was pretty exhausted by the end of the entire thing. I think I got a mild heat stroke, because I started feeling rather ill during our drive back home, but thankfully it passed after drinking some water and taking a nap.

And then I made gooseberry jam. It was a busy day for sure.

When things change… 29. July 2016

 A cup of coffee and a sandwich with beef ham and cucumber.

 More coffee and a strip of chocolate.

 Orange juice and I had four of these doughnuts.

 A chicken and cheese panini from a gas station.

 Terrible potato salad that I had a couple of bites of and then sent the rest to my dad.

 Ritter Sport chocolate with whole hazelnuts. Because I was upset and chocolate is comforting.


I went to Uulu with my mom for a day. First we stopped at Pärnu where she got her hair cut. I took a walk in town meanwhile and later had some doughnuts with mom and a family friend. I discovered far too late that all the Pokémon gym’s in Pärnu were filled with weak Pokémon only and I could have easily gone and overtaken most of them xD Sadly I had no time to actually do any of that.

The trip to Uulu was stressful unfortunately, because… long story short: there is always drama and fighting going on there and people only ever talk about negative things. There was a big irrational fight between my mom and grandmother after about only 5 minutes there 😦

Mom and I escaped to the forest where I picked some chanterelles and almost 5 litres of blueberries. When we finally got back to the house I also picked some black currants and gooseberries to take back home. Grandmother complained that they have no time to pick the berries (I’ve usually picked them every year for them for the past 6-7 years or so) and that it was a shame the berries would all go to waste this year.

It feels so sad when you can’t go to a place you dearly loved and visit the people you care about, because the stress levels and heartbreak it always causes overweighs the positive emotion by a ton. I always keep hoping that things will be different this time, but they never are and I get hurt over and over again. I would love to go there for a longer period, pick all the berries in the garden, help them make juice and jam, but I simply can’t. Not after the things they have put me through emotionally.

It felt kind of bitter when grandmother packed me some tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh potatoes and peas to take home, because she kept complaining how it was such a hard work and nobody is there to help out. The thing is, they never let you help out anyway when you actually go there to do so and… it’s a long story, a sad one about people turning bitter and not finding anything positive in the world anymore.

I hope I will not be like them when I grow old.

Caught in the rain… 28. July 2016

 Some watermelon and a sandwich with cucumber and beef ham.

 Greek yoghurt with peaches and a drizzle of honey.

 Meatball soup.


It was a nice cloudy but warm day, so I figured I’d drag out my bike and go to a shopping centre further away to get some groceries and other essentials. I figured I wouldn’t need a jacket, so I was only wearing a light dress. It was completely fine and nice for a while, but when I was about half way there, it started pouring rain xD I was completely soaked when I reached the store. I did get a one-time use plastic raincoat for my ride back home, but it was cheap and crappy and not much use at all xD It was raining even harder on my way back, so I was completely drenched and freezing when I finally got back home xD It was kind of funny and even fun in its own way, but I truly hope I didn’t catch a cold :s

Flax seed pasta… 27. July 2016

 Some watermelon, salad with lamb’s lettuce, cup of coffee.

 A sandwich with cucumber and beef ham.

 A peach and honey flavoured rice cakes with peanut butter.

 We bought this flax seed pasta a while back, because it sounded interesting. Thought it was time we actually tried it. It was basically just pasta with some ground flax seed in it.

 Flax seed pasta in tomato-chicken sauce with some lamb’s lettuce. It turned out really good 😀

Pokéwalk … 26. July 2016

 Vegetable wrap with feta, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and wakame @ Kohvik Boheem. This was so juicy and delicious. I think it had an entire head of lettuce in it and on the side xD

 Coffee and some slices of watermelon.

 Baked rice with carrots, spinach and a mix of green veggies + salad with lamb’s lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

On drip coffee… 25. July 2016

 Omelette with champignon mushrooms

 Seibutsu Zukan (The Field Guide of Living Things) gummy candies. The gummies were sea creature shaped and there was a trading card with a picture of a frilled shark in the pack as well.

 Baked rice with carrots, spinach and a mix of green veggies + salad with lamb’s lettuce and vinegar marinated garlic cloves.

 Boyfriend brought home some pastry again, so coffee was in order. The first pastry was with quark and the croissant like pastry was filled with cherry jam.


I’ve been wanting a drip coffee machine for a while now, because, honestly, I quite like drip coffee. I’m not sure why drip coffee has such a negative reputation. Perhaps it’s because people leave the coffee in the pot for hours and then it turns stale and gross? I like drip coffee, because it doesn’t usually have any coffee ground residue in it and it’s usually less oily. I still love my French press too, but I also would like to have a drip coffee machine as well.

So when I brought it up some time ago in conversation with my boyfriend’s relatives, they said they had almost a brand new barely unused drip coffee machine just laying around and they could give it to me. Awesome. However, the machine had been out of the box in a building in progress and thus was covered in gypsum dust, mud and clay :/ I thought I could clean it up and I did, but after seeing what kind of crap came out of it I didn’t feel I wanted to drink any coffee from that machine. I mean I did get it properly clean, but just couldn’t get over the icky factor afterwards. So I took it to a re-use centre. Perhaps some poor soul will be happy with that cheap coffee machine if they don’t know where it has been and what it has been through.

Now I told about my woes to my mom and turned out that she too had a drip coffee machine just laying around xD This time the machine just seems to be dusty. We’ll see how it goes with this one after I scrub it clean :p

Cool things I found while wasting time online #16

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) in one week. These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork.

This time it’s several weeks’ worth of things, because stuff happened 😛 And because stuff happened, there really isn’t that much in the list 😛

  • So the trailer for “The Girl With All the Gifts” is out and oh boy does it look promising 😀 I really loved the book, so I am hoping the movie will be good 😀
  • These Skinny Watermelon Margaritas look so pretty and delicious. Someone, please, make them for me? 😀
  • I need to make this Skillet Crispy Lemon Chicken with White Wine Sauce, because lemony crispy chicken? Heck yeah! I don’t have a skillet tho…
  • These Baked Sea Salt and Pepper Potato Chips look so much better than any packaged potato chip ever has. I’ve never made my own potato chips and I am hesitant to try, but this recipe seems simple enough. Perhaps, perhaps.
  • How’s this for a creative cocktail? :O
  • A hilarious Japanese commercial for HeartStone 😀 It probably doesn’t make much sense if you don’t know about the etiquette in Japanese corporate culture, but eh, let’s just say that  a Japanese boss won’t be bowing to a mere secretary in passing :p Unless she is superior to him in HeartStone that is :p
  • I need this Chocolate and Pear Brownie Pie so badly. Maybe If I’ve been good with eating and excercise this week, I’ll make it as a treat.

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀