A sad case of avocados… 28. June 2016

 Leftover boiled potatoes and salad from the previous night fried up into a messy omelette

 Banana bites with peanut butter

 Ice coffee. Technically this was a latte frappe, but I just told them not to put it into a blender and voila ice coffee. It’s so annoying that you can’t really get decent ice coffee in Estonia. It’s one of the things I miss about Japan a lot- ice coffee and super delicious coffee in general.

 Oven baked potatoes and chicken with horseradish sauce + some salad and very crappy avocado. I bought a bunch of avocados in a net that felt as if they could be okay, but about half of them were mouldy inside and the other half were littered with brown woody feeling spots inside 😦

 Yuzu mochi ice cream