The patches are off, finally!… 30. June 2016

 Coffee and a cheese croissant

 A banana with some peanut butter

 Brown rice with some furikake, chawanmushi with shiitake and crab, miso soup with wakame


For the past week I had big allergy test patches on my back and hands. It was super uncomfortable and itchy. It didn’t help much either that I also had a bad sunburn on my shoulders :S The most annoying thing, however, was that I couldn’t shower all that time, so I felt pretty gross by the end of the test. I was also told not to sweat, but come on, I this kind of terrible hot weather? xD If you ever have to take this type of allergy test, I recommend you do it during a colder season xD

Anyway, the test was for all sorts of chemicals, materials, perfumes etc that one might come in contact with in everyday life. Thankfully no new allergies showed up, but now I got my nickel allergy confirmed officially for the first time. Nickel left a pretty awful and huge blister on my back 😦

I still want another allergy test for food items and food additives, but apparently I need to go to a different doctor for that. I am pretty sure I am allergic to some preservatives or whatnot, because sometimes I get itchy rashes when eating processed foods or snacks. It would be nice to know what exactly causes that so I could try and avoid it in the future.