In Tukums, Latvia… 3. July 2016

 Banana-mango-pineapple-passion fruit yoghurt smoothie that tasted way too much like mango for me to like it.

 Some potato salad at my grandparent’s place

And some pancakes with strawberry jam

 More potato salad

 A “risotto” that I only ate a couple bites of. It tasted awful.

 Some cherries

 Yummy solyanka soup

 Chamomile tea and a sandwich with avocado and roast beef

 Mežpils unfiltered beer. Didn’t enjoy it very much.


I drove with my mom and my little brother to Tukums city in Latvia. My brother had an ice skating camp there and we decided to tag along with my mom, to camp out in a local camping place and see some sights while there. The camping place was… well let’s say there was a lot of false advertisement. The place was pretty dirty and almost none of the things, that we were promised, weren’t actually existing. For instance, there was supposed to be a kitchen area where one could cook breakfast, but that turned out to be a table with an electric kettle and three coffee mugs. Good thing I had brought along my tiny gas stove and some pots so we could cook if we wanted to. There was also no wifi, which was kind of important to us, because mobile data costs a lot abroad and we needed internet for GPS and for looking up things to do and places to go etc.

The camping huts themselves were pretty regular, but the mattresses were super old and felt as if they were made of straw… it felt like sleeping on very lumpy stone ground. My mom has back problems, so that wasn’t too good for her health really. Also we were promised that there would be clean bed sheets etc… but well there were none of those, so I ended up buying a pillow cover and a big blanket cover to sleep under. I wanted to buy a bed sheet actually, because I needs some new ones at home anyway, but turns out Latvians don’t really use the kinds of bed sheets we do in Estonia. Their bed sheets are made of terry cloth and have rubber bands sown in to the sides to pull them over the mattress. Our bed sheets are usually a sheet of linen or other comfly cloth.

The toilet was an outdoor one, which would have been okay, but boy was it filthy and old. It was perched on the side of hill and was kind of leaning backwards. The floorboards had rotted through, so the owners had covered them with a thin plywood plate. Every time I had to use the toilet, I truly hoped I wouldn’t fall through the floor :s I mean we knew the camping place would be pretty basic and nothing luxurious, and we were fine with that, but at least we expected it to be clean and livable, not falling apart and super uncomfortable for a good nights sleep.

The entire campsite had the eerie feeling of a horror movie setting really xD It didn’t help much that we were completely alone there with just the owners dog, Eero, to keep us company. It also didn’t help matters that it was almost constantly raining 😦 I had planned to stay there for 4 days and my mom had hoped to stay for two weeks, but it became clear quickly enough that none of that was going to happen. Mostly because my mom’s back wouldn’t have survived the bed and she really didn’t want to be all alone in a place like that. We however decided to stay for a couple of nights and see if the weather and things would improve, so it wouldn’t have been a completely wasted drive.

Some photo evidence of the place we stayed at:

The “reliably clean” looking bed sheets and the awful mattress.

The amazing outhouse

It was scary stepping on this

I mean, yikes!

Packing… 2. July 2016

 I made banana muffins. They turned out super chewy, moist and delicious.

 Blueberry skyr and some coffee. Skyr is apparently an Icelandic dairy product of some sort. It tasted almost like quark (or kohupiim as we call it in Estonia), just had a thicker consistency and was smoother in texture.

 Curried potato soup with sour cream: I also ate about half of the Karelian pastry.