Kuldiga, Latvia – 04.07.2016

The second day wasn’t as rainy as the day before, so we decided to drive to a nearby town called Kuldiga. It was a lovely place with nice architecture and quiet atmosphere. We walked around there for a while and also visited the nearby Venta Rapid waterfall. It’s apparently the widest waterfall in Europe (around 250 meters), but it’s not very high (only about 2 meters). Still, waterfalls are so cool 😀

 Mom on a bridge

 Venta river with the waterfall in the distance

 It’s an odd tradition for couples to leave padlocks around bridges and on the bridge lighting for good luck. It’s not a custom in Estonia, so I don’t know the history behind it.


 A better look on the waterfall

 Mom posing :p

 The flowery house

 Mom made a new friend

 I want to live there

In the evening, when we returned to the campsite, it turned rainy and cold again, but we decided to get out our bikes anyway and go look at a nearby lake. It was nice, but wow am I out of shape xD When we returned, it was getting dark and I noticed the lights on in another cottage. It turned out that another lady had arrived while we were gone and she was greatly upset. The owner had shown her to the cottage and just left her there without even showing her where the toilet is. She found the place not according to the advertisement at all, so she got upset and spent a while crying, because she was all the sudden alone in the middle of the nowhere in a place that felt like a horror movie stage.

She was really glad that we were there, because it made her feel so much safer. To her biggest dismay the advertisement had lied to her too about the kitchen. She had brought ingredients along to cook dinner and have some tea, but well… there was no kitchen. We let her use our gas stove to cook some eggs and make some tea. Poor strange lady (and wow was she actually a strange one as it turned out the next morning). But I would have been terrified in a place like that too had I been there alone.

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