Detox… 6. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour and a spoonful of sugar. I would have preferred to use honey to sweeten this, but I’m out of honey and can’t afford to buy a new jar right now.

 Salad with sausage and eggs.

 A banana with cashew butter.


I’ve been eating too much and way too much crap recently, so I felt a “detox” of sorts was in order. So during the day I mostly drink kefir (or mix it with kama flour for variety) and in the evening I try to have a lighter dinner. I think a week of this will help me to get rid of the waste piled up in my body at least a bit.

Jūrmala and a long drive back home… 5. July 2016

 Coffee, raspberry yoghurt with flax seeds, sandwich with sausage and tomato

 Some raspberries. I ate half of them and left the rest for my bf.

 Half a quark pastry

 Potato pancakes with salted salmon and sour cream

 Coffee and Bounty chocolate

 Ekselence peanut butter ice cream. This was so good! I really liked how there were two different chocolate layers and some peanut butter inbetween those.

 Hamburger, fries, salad and milk @ Aleksandri Pubi


The weather was still crappy and the camping place still unbearably uncomfortable, so mom decided to cancel her plans to stay there for two weeks and go back home. I would have stayed for another two days with her, but now I was going back home with her as well.

It was a hassle to get our money refunded that we had paid in advance for the lodging, because apparently the owner’s computer had mysteriously stopped working the previous evening, so he couldn’t access his bank… and other excuses. But my mom is amazing at getting what she wants so eventually she got her refund. She wanted to outright cause a scandal over false advertising and crappy sleeping conditions, but I had the feeling that they wouldn’t have returned a penny if she had done that. Instead I suggested she lie that her son had fallen ill in the ice skating camp and she unexpectedly had to return to Estonia with him. They were more helpful and forthcoming with that explanation.

The odd lady, that had showed up the previous night, was pretty upset too and said she would go and look for a different place to sleep nearby. She however really tried to push her way to come with us to wherever we were going and mom had a hard time turning her down politely (she only spoke Russian and I can’t speak any). She also was a pushy religious person and I freaked out over how she drank water with two huge soup spoonfuls of soda crystals in the morning. I mean I’ve heard that some soda crystals in water can have health benefits, but only if you use a little. Two huge spoonfuls for a glass of water is way too much and apparently she did that every morning :/ She also wasn’t too happy that we refused to drink any.

Anyway, after we got away from the camp site, we stopped in a town called Jūrmala. We walked around for a bit in the centre, had lunch and took a quick peek at their beach. It’s supposedly a health resort town and even though there were so many people around, the town itself felt half-empty as there were so many empty and boarded up houses. Even brand new buildings seemed to be mostly empty and it felt a bit eerie. The architecture was super nice however and it was sad seeing all these amazing looking houses empty and rotting 😦

After that we drove back to Estonia. We made a stop in Pärnu and had dinner at a local pub, because my dad was there and then continued to Tallinn.