Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like… 18. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour and some raspberries.

 Some blueberry-banana smoothie with chia seeds and oats; salad with eggs, sausage and radish sprouts.


I went and registered to a sports club. I picked a “free use” package which means I can go there whenever I want to when they are open, do whatever I choose out of what they offer and however long I like. I’m kind of hoping this will somehow work better for me instead of signing up for a few classes that happen only at certain times during the week. This way I can’t be all: oh I missed the class on Tuesday, welp next class is on Friday and then when Friday arrives maybe  I won’t feel like going. Maybe I’ll manage to make myself go swimming or walk on a treadmill instead occasionally when I don’t feel like going to a group practice.

This is going to be difficult for me, because I truly hate exercise. But it needs to be done I guess.

I’m probably not going to write much about how the entire gym thing goes, because that’s, no offence to my friends who are crazy enthusiastic workout people or have a fitness blog, super boring to me. I’ve dropped so many blogs in the past two years that have turned from great reads to boring workout recaps :/ I still only read the ones of my friends, because that’s what friends do. In general, however, I have trouble believing that anyone actually enjoys getting all sweaty and tired or running around aimlessly for kilometres. People must be lying to themselves and their inner masochists must be really gullible. Maybe I’ll drop a note about it if this all fails or if I’ve been doing extremely well xD

Fun extra fact about me: I tried going out for a jog some years ago, but ended up not running much, because there were always people around and being caught running, with my face all red and sweaty, felt as embarrassing to me as getting caught having sex. Ever since my brain made that connection, I always feel uncomfortable when I spot someone running xD There is however some awe and respect mixed in that feeling as well, because I could never do something like that in public. I simply don’t exercise in public, ever. I haven’t even ever done any sit-ups or hula hooped etc. when my boyfriend is at home. No, in my mind, things like that should only be done in private. Gyms are not in public however, being gross and sweaty there is kind of acceptable, because everyone does that there. Does that make sense?

No offence meant to anyone, really. Do what makes you happy. It’s just that I personally don’t neither like to do the same things nor read about such things. It’s  simply a weird quirk of mine.

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