Temptations… 20. July 2016

 Coffee and a banana

 Wheat porridge with different seeds and honey

 A cappuccino and a slice of salmon quiche

 Chicken soup. I added some sour cream into it a bit later.

 Another banana with some peanut butter


I went out for a walk with Kerttu during the day. It was a good opportunity to try out Pokémon GO, that just launched in Estonia, and finally go check out Snikt– a local comic book store. Pokémon GO is pretty fun albeit slightly confusing on the mechanics side. I think I shall be going out for walks more often from now on xD

Going to Snikt was a big mistake, because it sells amazing stuff and I want it all D: I think I know where my monthly “free use money” will go from now on. The owner is a super cool guy as well and we had a blast talking with him.

I ended giving in to the temptation and bought this Deadpool Corps shirt 😀 It’s so awesome!

Movie Night… 19. July 2016

I had some kefir with kama flour for breakfast, but forgot to take a photo.

 Kerttu brought us some chocolates. One was Baileys flavoured and the other Vana Tallinn flavoured. We shared them among us 3.

 Zucchini and potato casserole with avocado-radish sprout salad

 Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cup chunks in it. The ice cream was good, but the cups were too sweet.


Kerttu came over to watch “Deadpool” with us. She had missed it when it was running in theatres. Damn, I love that movie so much.