No mushrooms, no blueberries… 23. July 2016

 Carrot-celery risotto and a glass of kefir.

 Soft serve chocolate ice cream.

 Shared this roasted corn Tupla chocolate with my boyfriend. It was good, but nothing special.

 Shared a bag of baby carrots with the boyfriend as well.

 Tortilla pizza with tomato, champignons, pickled garlic, smoked chicken and mozzarella cheese.

 Laima Tagad chocolate with popcorn bits and a cup of coffee. Shared the chocolate with my boyfriend like usual. Now this chocolate was super delicious! I bought this one from my short trip to Latvia, haven’t seen it on sale around here yet.


Boyfriend and his brother went to some open-pit mining place to ride their enduro bikes and I tagged along in the hopes of maybe finding some blueberries or mushrooms in the nearby woods. Sadly, there were no mushrooms and the few blueberry bushes I found were already picked clean. Well I managed to find a handful of blueberries, but not as much as I would have liked. Oh well, at least I had a nice long walk in the woods.