I don’t like things that are too hot… unless it’s food… 24. July 2016

 Totrilla pizza with tomatoes, smoked chicken and champignons.

 A chocolate kohuke. It had extra chocolate bits inside.

 Pancakes with fresh blueberry jam.


There are a couple of really annoying things about the gym I go to. First of all, it’s super hot there. I start sweating and dripping already when changing into my workout clothes in the dressing room :/ I feel it’s rather unpleasant to start exercising with your face already red and dripping and your hands uncomfortably wet. Perhaps it’s not that hot by normal standards, but I am rather heat sensitive. I’m just thinking, wouldn’t everyone like to work out in a cooler environment instead of a mild sauna?

The second annoying thing is that the showers are too hot and you can’t regulate the water temperature 😦 I got so many odd looks in the shower room when I kept yelping whenever the water hit me in the 5 second bursts you could have it running. It felt scorching hot to me. Boyfriend suggested trying out different showers and that sometimes some of them would have colder water, but I feel it’s awkward going around the shower room pressing buttons 😦

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