On drip coffee… 25. July 2016

 Omelette with champignon mushrooms

 Seibutsu Zukan (The Field Guide of Living Things) gummy candies. The gummies were sea creature shaped and there was a trading card with a picture of a frilled shark in the pack as well.

 Baked rice with carrots, spinach and a mix of green veggies + salad with lamb’s lettuce and vinegar marinated garlic cloves.

 Boyfriend brought home some pastry again, so coffee was in order. The first pastry was with quark and the croissant like pastry was filled with cherry jam.


I’ve been wanting a drip coffee machine for a while now, because, honestly, I quite like drip coffee. I’m not sure why drip coffee has such a negative reputation. Perhaps it’s because people leave the coffee in the pot for hours and then it turns stale and gross? I like drip coffee, because it doesn’t usually have any coffee ground residue in it and it’s usually less oily. I still love my French press too, but I also would like to have a drip coffee machine as well.

So when I brought it up some time ago in conversation with my boyfriend’s relatives, they said they had almost a brand new barely unused drip coffee machine just laying around and they could give it to me. Awesome. However, the machine had been out of the box in a building in progress and thus was covered in gypsum dust, mud and clay :/ I thought I could clean it up and I did, but after seeing what kind of crap came out of it I didn’t feel I wanted to drink any coffee from that machine. I mean I did get it properly clean, but just couldn’t get over the icky factor afterwards. So I took it to a re-use centre. Perhaps some poor soul will be happy with that cheap coffee machine if they don’t know where it has been and what it has been through.

Now I told about my woes to my mom and turned out that she too had a drip coffee machine just laying around xD This time the machine just seems to be dusty. We’ll see how it goes with this one after I scrub it clean :p