Flax seed pasta… 27. July 2016

 Some watermelon, salad with lamb’s lettuce, cup of coffee.

 A sandwich with cucumber and beef ham.

 A peach and honey flavoured rice cakes with peanut butter.

 We bought this flax seed pasta a while back, because it sounded interesting. Thought it was time we actually tried it. It was basically just pasta with some ground flax seed in it.

 Flax seed pasta in tomato-chicken sauce with some lamb’s lettuce. It turned out really good 😀

3 thoughts on “Flax seed pasta… 27. July 2016

  1. elle says:

    Lamb’s lettuce…interesting! I’ve never heard of it before. We have something here called lamb’s quarters. I wonder if it’s the same thing!


    • annika says:

      Lamb’s lettuce is also known as rapunzel or corn salad, but around here it’s known as lambasalat which directly translates into lamb’s lettuce. If I am not mistaken then lamb’s quarters is not an edible edible plant, right?


      • elle says:

        Ah, I see! I just looked it up and lamb’s lettuce looks pretty different. I don’t think we have it around here. Lamb’s quarters is actually edible! It’s a wild plant that grows like a weed, but I saw it sold at local farmers’ markets and it can be eaten like spinach. 🙂

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