Caught in the rain… 28. July 2016

 Some watermelon and a sandwich with cucumber and beef ham.

 Greek yoghurt with peaches and a drizzle of honey.

 Meatball soup.


It was a nice cloudy but warm day, so I figured I’d drag out my bike and go to a shopping centre further away to get some groceries and other essentials. I figured I wouldn’t need a jacket, so I was only wearing a light dress. It was completely fine and nice for a while, but when I was about half way there, it started pouring rain xD I was completely soaked when I reached the store. I did get a one-time use plastic raincoat for my ride back home, but it was cheap and crappy and not much use at all xD It was raining even harder on my way back, so I was completely drenched and freezing when I finally got back home xD It was kind of funny and even fun in its own way, but I truly hope I didn’t catch a cold :s

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