Trial bikes… 30. July 2016

 A tuna onigiri. I ate several of such throughout the day.

 Apple juice with beetroot and black currants. This juice was awesomely tangy sour.

 Snacked on some peas.

 Vanilla ice cream.

 Mashed potatoes with liver sauce + some cucumber and tomato on the side.


My boyfriend took part of a trial’s competition and I accompanied him there. The trial bike competitions are different from the enduro ones; there isn’t one unified race track for a start, but instead different areas that the competitors have to climb through on their bikes without putting their feet down. The competitors got a minus point every time they set even one of their feet on the ground. The competition was far more slow paced and you could take your time between the 9 obstacle courses (that you had to go through 3 times), within the general time limit of course. Whilst during the enduro races, I usually picked a spot and camped out there, hoping to see my boyfriend drive by, then during the trial’s competition I could move along with him and see his entire attempt. I suppose in that sense, I enjoyed it more, because in all honesty, I don’t really care much about the other competitors even if they do have mad skills. However, it also meant I was mostly only photographing my boyfriend and whomever was on the track before him, so I didn’t get much interesting photo variety.

Boyfriend got 5th place, so a decent middle, considering there were 9 people altogether in the class he competed in. Not bad for the first try 🙂

It was a super hot day however and I ended up walking almost 10km between the obstacle tracks, taking photos and carrying a bottle of water for my boyfriend, so I was pretty exhausted by the end of the entire thing. I think I got a mild heat stroke, because I started feeling rather ill during our drive back home, but thankfully it passed after drinking some water and taking a nap.

And then I made gooseberry jam. It was a busy day for sure.