Bikes in the rain… 31. July 2016

 Tuna onigiri. I had several of these again throughout the day.

 A banana.

 Some lukewarm crappy soup with sour cream.

 A blueberry and an a strawberry kohuke. I shared these with my boyfriend. They were the not so good kind.

 Pancakes with fresh black currant jam and gooseberry jam.


It was the second day of the trial’s competition. The weather was milder in the beginning, so it wasn’t that awful to walk around the obstacle courses, but during our second round, it started pouring down rain. I had my rain coat with me, but I still got soaked as I was wearing a long dress and sneakers. I still did the last round with my boyfriend and then climbed and hid in the bus for the reminder of our time there. I finished reading a book and slept a little until it was time to go home.

Boyfriend got 7th place this time, because I think he rushed a bit and also the rain made things more slippery.

Also, in the evening I made blueberry jam and a bit of black currant jam.

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