Falling down… 2-10. August 2016

Some random photos of noms from the period:

 Coffee and salad with fried meat and fresh cucumber pickles.

 Coffee and a tiny tasty kinako stick.

 Chineesy food: fried wontons, spicy and sour shrimp soup and fried noodles.

 Chocolate croissant and coffee.

 Homemade pizza with minced meat, chanterelles and pickles.

 Had some beer, crackers and sausage with Eva.

 Bruchetta with mozzarella, tomato and herb sauce that I shared with Eva.

 Chocolate ice cream. I got this amazing Deadpool keychain as a gift from Eva 🙂

 Shepherd’s pie and beer.

 Fried potato peels that Anna was kind to share with me 🙂


Life is a series of falling down’s and getting up’s for me. I’m trying to make the periods between the falling down’s as long as possible, but usually when one falling down happens, it’s easier to trigger another one soon after, but the rarer they happen, the longer I can keep them from happening.

Well I fell down again I guess. Doesn’t really matter why or how, it would be difficult to explain this time anyway, so instead let’s see what good things happened whilst I was trying to get up again.

Kadi visited me last Tuesday. She wanted me to scan some of her drawings, but unfortunately my scanner is ancient and super slow, so it took about 15 minute to scan one picture. We managed 20 drawings in 5 hours xD At least it was fun to catch up. Next time we should put on a movie for the scanning duration.

Last Wednesday I tagged along with my boyfriend to Põltsama where he went to ride go-karts with his family. They had a bunch of fun. I was not feeling well and I’ve had a bad experience getting yelled at a go-kart rink before, so I didn’t really have the courage to ride again.

On Thursday I didn’t feel like cooking, so boyfriend got us some Chinese food and we caught up with “Shokugeki no Soma” while eating dinner.

It was Josie’s birthday party celebration on Friday. It was fun and I got so drunk xD

The weekend I spent with my boyfriend at an event called Klaperjaht. Basically it was people drowning different vehicles in the muddiest places possible. My boyfriend competed on the second day in the enduro class. Crazy people, but I admit, it was somewhat fun.

This Tuesday I met up with Eva. We went for a long walk, had lunch and then ended up with some snacks and beer at my place. It was super nice.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my thesis advisor and then I met up with both Eva and Anna for drink. Sadly I couldn’t stay out the entire evening as my boyfriend fell ill, so I had to get him some meds from the pharmacy and make him dinner. Meeting with long-time friends, whom I don’t see very often these days as they live abroad, is super nice always.

Welp, up again now.

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