Zucchini tart… 17. August 2016

 Veggie soup with sour cream.

 Roasted corn in chocolate and a cup of coffee.

 I made a cheesy zucchini tart following this recipe here. I loved how fluffy and tasty the filling inside was.

 Had the zucchini tart with some salad.


I got some good news and bad news from my doctor when she called me. The bad news is that my thyroid parameters have gone worse, so I should go see a specialist. The thyroid problems run in my family, so I was kind of expecting that, but yeah, still sucks 😦

However, I have managed to maintain my iron levels and have managed to get my vitamin D levels in order as well. Also she didn’t mention the cholesterol parameters, so I am guessing the problem with that has resolved itself? It’s just a guess, but if it had been problematic still, I am sure she would have mentioned it.

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