Things no one told you about growing old… 18. August 2016

 A vanilla kohuke

 A banana, some blueberry-banana smoothie with chia seeds and oats; a cup of coffee and bran crispbread with chicken ham and cucumber.

 Eva gifted me a gadget to make onsen tamago with, so I tested it out.. There is a photo of the pot on my instagram account if you are curious. The egg turned out great 😀 I served it over some brown rice with ume furikake. I also made some cucumber-tomato salad with Polish style cottage cheese.

 So dinner was: leftover zucchini tart from yesterday, brown rice with onsen tamago and ume furikake, and cucumber-tomato salad with cottage cheese. I wish I had warmed up the zucchini tart in the oven as I am not too overly fond of the taste of cold cheese, but eh, it was still good.


I went to the doctor to get my birth marks checked. I have a lot of them and I haven’t really done a check-up on them before. Plus, one of the birthmarks on my leg had started giving me trouble. It had a weird texture and sometimes it “got in the way” when sitting and it often got sore when chafed against my trousers. However, it turned out that this birthmark wasn’t a birthmark at all, but some sort of keratosis! I was pretty freaked out, but the doctor said that it’s a normal thing that comes with aging and one simply has to reckon with such things. No one ever told me that stuff other than birthmarks would start growing on me and that it’s normal when I age D:

Anyhow, I got a prescription for some exfoliating skin cream and a long lecture on how I absolutely should never ever sunbathe. I am not certain why the doctor felt I needed the lecture, considering it’s summer and I am barely tanned anyway. Did it really look like I am the kind of person to grill myself under the sun much?

Also, I finally opened up my thesis file again and did some revision on the text I already have. I didn’t write anything new yet, but I consider it progress none the less, because so far I had been unable even to open the damn file. I was kind of baffled when I opened the file and discovered all my footnotes to be a mess. How can things change and go wrong like that in a file I haven’t touched for a while?