Cake fail… 20. August 2016

 Porridge with pumpkin seeds and butter.

 Grilled salmon, salad with grilled cheese and some fried battered mushroom. Also had some very weak wine with tonic water.

 Grilled chicken and sausage, another piece of mushroom and more grilled cheese salad.

I also had some spicy grilled mushrooms and veggies, but forgot to take a photo.

 Chocolate pear brownie cake. This cake didn’t turn out too well, it was too runny and thus ruined in my eyes. It was still edible though. I will, however, never again try to follow a recipe with American measurements, because their cups and sticks of butter make no sense and always become somewhat of a mess of a result after trying to convert the measurements into the European ones. But I think that recipe was flawed anyway, because some of the measurements felt unbalanced even already in the original format.


We went to visit our friends who live nearby and spent the evening sitting in their garden and consuming horrendous amounts of delicious food. It was super lovely.

I like this song lately:

3 thoughts on “Cake fail… 20. August 2016

    • annika says:

      Usually the converting is fine when it comes to other foods, because then it’s not that important to be super precise, but when it comes to baking then only a few grams of difference can change the entire thing.

      Thanks for the website, that one looks a bit more detailed than the ones I’ve used so far.


      • E-Gusta says:

        I am not a baker at all. My husband is a very good baker, he just has the knack. But I am a bit of a ‘chuck it and see’ cook, and that does not work with baking at all!!!!! We are lucky that an M&S food store recently opened up near us. This week we tried their croissants and tarts…. bliss. Utter bliss.

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