Suicide Squad… 25. August 2016

 Toasted rye bread with cheese spread and tomato + a cup of coffee.

 A banana.

 A couple of boiled eggs with flavoured salt and a sandwich with cheese spread, smoked pork, cucumber and tomato.

 A warm meat salad @ Tommi Grill.

 Fried chicken wings to share with everyone.


We went to see “Suicide Squad” with my boyfriend and Miss K. The movie was alright I suppose. It wasn’t what I expected it to be and the storyline was pretty confusing and full of weird plot holes, but most of the characters were pretty lovable. It had fun action and it was pretty funny at times, but they had tried to cram so many characters and back stories to one movie that it was all a bit meh in the end. I did love Harley Quin a lot. The Joker was… meh… too forcefully stylised and not working for me. I didn’t hate the character; I just wasn’t impressed by him either. The Enchantress was cool visually and the rest of the bunch was great too… except for Katana. I think she could be an interesting character on her own, but in the movie she felt so out of place.

Altogether I think it was a fun movie to watch if you don’t take it too seriously or are not overly invested in the characters.

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