Flea market… 27. August 2016

 Coffee and some tuna onigiri.

 Home-made ice cream @ the flea market. One scoop was kama flavoured, the other one basil-orange flavoured. Delicious stuff!

 A luscious pulled pork burrito. It was super juicy and tasty.

 Shepherd’s pie with some cucumber and tomato.


We spent the day at a big flea market trying to get rid of our excess stuff we no longer needed. I had lots of clothes, books and doodads with me and boyfriend brought along some of his ancient computer stuff. I was skeptical about the computer parts selling well, but eventually these sold much better than my things xD Guys, who looked stereotypically nerdy, flocked around and went all: “oh, this is the exact piece of cable I’ve been needing!” or “oh wow, of course I will buy this 10 years old mouse, it’s awesome!” etc. It was funny.

It’s kind of awesome when your old junk becomes someone else’s treasure. My highlight of the day was a young guy who found “Almost Transparent Blue” by Murakami Ryū from my box of books. Apparently he had been trying to find that book for ages as it’s out of print these days. I asked 3 euros for it and he sprinted off to get money. When he returned, he gave me 6 euros instead, because he was just so happy about the find xD

We got rid of almost half of the stuff we had brought along and the rest we donated to a re-use centre, because honestly- we just wanted to get rid of it all xD

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