Sadness… 28. August 2016

 White bread with mashed avocado, shepherd’s pie with some cucumber and tomato.

 We had both grilled and smoked trout and garlicy potatoes for lunch.

 Chocolate cheesecake and coffee.

 Tea and a chocolate pastry.


It feels so sad when you are with a group of people and realise that you are basically still all alone unless you aggressively fight your way into the conversation. Several times I found myself starting to tell a story or add something to the general conversation, only to quickly understand that I was basically talking to myself. After I had stopped talking in mid-sentence without anyone noticing for about three times, I gave up and didn’t talk at all. Don’t think anyone noticed that either.

Am I that uninteresting? Annoying? Or am I secretly unwanted in the company? I have no idea. But I felt unwanted and alone. Things just plummeted down to dark depths for me after that. It didn’t help that I was feeling quite sick again too.

At least the environment was pretty. And the food was good.

@ The Viking Village:

4 thoughts on “Sadness… 28. August 2016

  1. azurachan says:

    Oh, please don’t feel bad on yourself. I feel the same way too sometimes. It means, they didn’t share our interest. I tend to remind myself that my life is interesting than theirs. Cheer up!

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  2. bellefemme9 says:

    In my opinion it reflects on the people you were with and not you. I just feel that when you are with a group of people everyone should be able to speak and be respected. I find it rude that they disregarded you when you spoke. I have actually seen this happen to many people, and it irks me every time. It’s just plain rude. Don’t ever feel like you are not worthy ❤️👍🏻

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