Stranger Things… 4. September 2016

 A warm cheese roll.

 Keema curry and chicken-coconut milk curry.

 A kama bar with raspberry and black currant. Also a cup of coffee. The kama bar was a pretty interesting one with the berry additions.

 Somen noodles with an onsen egg and some plum furikake + some fiery kimchi.

 Chocolate ice cream to kill the kimchi burn.


It was a lazy Sunday. I didn’t get any work done, but it’s okay I think. At least I had a good time?

In the morning we went out for a walk at the Uue Maailma Street Festival. Our main idea was to get some street food breakfast and the curry we decided on was fantastic. Also, during our walk I noticed that I didn’t get out of breath nor a pounding heart anymore; plus I haven’t noticed my hands and feet aching anymore, so I guess the Lyme disease is finally over 😀 Yay! I still need to finish my antibiotics though, so just a bit more to go.

We bought a jar of spicy kimchi from the festival market that became the core of our dinner. During and after dinner we watched “Stranger Things” which was absolutely amazing. I loved the visual part of it to bits, also most of the characters were fantastic… I really recommend it if you want some scary suspense with mind-blowing retro and Silent Hill-like aesthetics. Kind of reminded me of the “monster of the week” stories from “The X-Files” too, but in a so much better way 😀

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