Unemployed… 5. September 2016

 Somen in chicken broth with some wakame. Also had a cup of coffee.
… and look at me so ignorantly sticking my chopsticks right into my food :/

 A salad with garlic sprouts, broccoli and fried champignons.

 Rice and heavenly spicy kimchi stew.


I went and registered myself at the unemployment office now that I am no longer officially a student. I don’t really want to find a job until January next year, but it is good to get acquainted with the job market again and get my cv in order. If I do find something good before January then I guess I’ll take it and try to be extra good somehow with my thesis still. I do have pretty strict parameters for my future job however, so I doubt I’ll find anything that quick.

4 thoughts on “Unemployed… 5. September 2016

  1. Emma says:

    What is your thesis about? And I wish you all the luck, the job market is tough at the moment and I’m dreading having to submit at the end of next year 😐


    • annika says:

      To put it somehow short and simple then I am writing about self-identity creation of female comic book fans and certain popstars in Japan 🙂

      Finding a job is always so frustrating, I remember it clearly from the last time I had to do that, but I think it helps a lot if you know exactly what type of job you want and what kind of parameters it has to fulfill in your life 🙂 Good luck to you too in the future!

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