Cake and pizza… 13. September 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with fresh raspberry jam.

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles.

 I baked a pear-chocolate cake with hazelnuts and had a slice with some tea in the evening. The cake turned out super moist and delicious.

 Homemade pizza with zucchini, minced meat and chanterelles. Had a few slices.


Boyfriend built us a temporary TV stand so now we can watch stuff on TV from our couch. Before it was so that if we wanted to watch TV, we had to move the whole dining table out of the way and it was a hassle. We celebrated by watching the latest episode of “Food Wars,” which is still amazing, and then started watching a really cute anime called “Sweetness and Lightning.” The latter is about a widowed father trying to properly raise his little daughter and cook her delicious food to eat. It’s adorable and full of fluff.