The hanging tree… 14. September 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with a sliced up banana and some fresh raspberry jam; also had a cup of coffee.

 Leftover chanterelle pizza from the previous night.

 A strawberry-banana smoothie, because I was feeling queasy after my workout and I couldn’t find any snacks from the store that were not pastry or sweets.

 A soup with macaroni, meatballs and chanterelles plus a dollop of sour cream on top.

 Pear chocolate cake with some fresh raspberry jam and a cup of peppermint tea.


The first song in my BodyArt class was “The Hanging Tree” from the movie “The Hunger Games.” Well it was a mix of the song, but I still found myself pretty amused by it and thought it was an odd song to exercise to xD

Also with exercising more I have to take more showers and it has sort of become a problem for me. Usually I shower fully about twice a week, other times I just wash parts of myself in the sink every morning and/or evening depending on the need. It’s pretty normal, because our climate is rather cool. However, it would be unthinkable to go home without a shower after exercising because I am sweaty and gross. Now taking a shower isn’t the problem itself, but it’s my hair, because the more often I wash it the quicker it starts getting dirty. After I started taking a shower every two days or so, I’ve noticed my hair is already getting greasy and dirty looking by the end of the next day after a shower. Before that it was okay for me to go three days and up without my hair starting to look and feel like it could use a wash. I was thinking that perhaps I should get myself a shower cap so I wouldn’t have to get my hair wet every time I shower after working out… but would that be weird? I don’t know, I’ve never seen anyone with a shower cap in the sports club. I’m pretty darn self-conscious with some odd things.