Last day… 22. September 2016

 Coffee, mulk’s porridge with chanterelle-pork sauce.

 Vitamin Well Reload vitamin water and What the Fruit raspberry snack bar.

 Had two of these vanilla kohuke.

 Rum pastries. Bad photo.

 Coffee and cookie cake @ Kohvik Maiasmokk.
You, bitch behind the counter, who you were a complete dick to a confused tourist and later refused to give some tap water to an old lady, I hope you realize what a crap impression you left of the establishment you work in. Sadly, I am not a confrontational person by nature and tend to make things worse when I do try to confront people, because I’m not very eloquent in stating my thoughts. I do however hope you noticed us buying the old lady the water you refused to give her and I hope you felt at least some remorse because you are an awful human being. In hindsight I should have tried to ask for tap water too to see if you’d give it to me but not to her. I am still contemplating if I should write to her employers.

A mimosa @ Telliskivi No15

 Spicy chicken wings

 Tuna steak with mint risotto, oven baked veggies and fennel sauce. I hadn’t had tuna for ages (if you don’t count canned tuna and I don’t) and it was super yummy.

 Beer @ Hell Hunt

 Potato fries with ketchup


On the last day of our guests being here we visited the Estonian Open Air Museum. Sadly, we only managed to see about a quarter of the exhibit as it started raining heavily and none of us were prepared for that. I really want to go back there on a better day and explore more, because that place is amazing.

We went to The Museum of Occupations instead. That place was rather depressing to be honest, but at the same time interesting. For a small nation, us Estonians have been through a lot and under many occupations. Only for a little while have we been our own country. Kind of weird this all.

The day ended at Hell Hunt where I got really really drunk xD

 This is how we used to live

 A big cock



 Resting our feet

 A fisherman’s home

 A traveller’s suitcase

 At the Museum of Occupations there was an exhibition about homosexuality during Soviet times.

 Randomness in town: that sounds like a challenge :p

It was great finally meeting Sempi and Sylva in real life. The week we spent with them was loads of fun. I got to visit so many places with them I hadn’t been to before and got to eat so much delicious food as well.