Tinarinda Tillukõne

I haven’t been able to update my blog and continue with the 30 days blogging challenge as Photobucket has been down for the third day in a row for me and since photos/pictures are an essential part of my blog… well… I haven’t had anything to post really.

Instead, here is a beautiful Estonian song. It’s sung in a dialect of Southern Estonia and it’s a very sad song. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it why it sounded so sad and why constantly kept tearing up while listening to it, because I didn’t really understand all of the lyrics, but the video conveniently has subtitles for standardized Estonian (and also for English if you are curious). You couldn’t really tell by looking at the video, but this song is about death and dead people.

Sad, but beautiful. I also was lucky enough to be able to see Lepaseree perform live during a small village gathering last summer in the Karula National Park.

Also WordPress announced today that I have reached 500 followers. I wonder if the majority of them are bots, because I know I hardly have 20 people who read my blog. Most of the time I keep this blog for myself, but sometimes I get bitter and sad knowing most of my family and friends never read this. I suppose that I am simply not interesting or important enough.

But doesn’t matter. I am now going to go and nurse my sad soul with a cup of hot cocoa instead.

Pumpkinlicious… 24. October 2016

 Kefir bread with butter and sprats, fried eggs, a leftover blood sausage from last night’s dinner and some tomato-cucumber salad with cottage cheese.

 Fizz Cider Sorbet Lemon Taste. I got this because it sounded interesting, but it ended up being disappointingly bad again. Meh, why do I even bother with these drinks?

 Mashed potatoes with pumpkin, boiled sausages and tomato-cucumber salad with cottage cheese.

 Tea and pumpkin banana bread with pumpkin seeds and peanut butter nibs.

Day 6 – Foods I don’t like

I am a crazy food person, ask anyone who knows me. I simply love food and a wide range of foods at that. There is nothing better than eating good delicious food and I am lucky to be able to afford food most of the time. Eating is the only work that feeds you after all 😛

There are some things I don’t like however when it comes to food. Most of these things are the type where nothing really happens to me if I do eat them, but if given the chance I’d rather not touch them. There are some exceptions though with food that actually make me nauseous or otherwise sick.

I don’t like olives. I’ve been fine with them if they are in very tiny pieces baked into some bread or something like that, but in general, I’d rather not eat them.

I really don’t like boiled cabbage and carrots. Now, I am fine with both if they are chopped into small pieces into soups and stews if they are not dominating the taste too much, but a whole boiled carrot or a big chunk of boiled cabbage will absolutely make me gag. My mom and grandmother used to make this stew where they just boiled a chunk of meat with whole carrots, potatoes, cabbage and rutabaga and it was always a nightmare. I usually mashed the carrot along with potatoes, so I could eat it, but the cabbage was always just awful. Also, recently I have noticed that if carrots are a big part of the dish I am making, for instance a soup, I get kind of nauseous. For instance, I made this vegetable pureed soup last week that had a lot of carrots in it and I couldn’t really eat it at all due to the overwhelming boiled carrot taste/smell. I must admit that I ended up throwing the entire soup away, because I couldn’t eat it and my boyfriend wasn’t at home to eat it instead.

I am not a big fan of cheese. Sure, I love cheese on a pizza or on a grilled cheese sandwich, but I wouldn’t willingly snack on it most of the time. I don’t like sliced cheese on my sandwiches, I don’t like different cheese snacks. I have in recent years, however, become more accustomed to eating cheese and have actually started to like some cheeses like mozzarella and few selected other ones, but most of the time I still opt for cheese free options.

I don’t like pineapple. It makes my mouth hurt and I absolutely hate it on pizza and in chicken salads. I have no idea why anyone would want to ruin their chicken dish with pineapple, it’s just gross.

Recently I don’t like bell peppers anymore and that’s mostly because I always get an upset stomach when I eat them. This is quite a recent development and apparently only happens with store bought bell peppers. I was fine eating homegrown bell peppers last summer. However, the bad experiences have kind of put me off from bell peppers to the point I could say that I don’t really like them anymore.

Marinated mushrooms. Just eww. I am quite picky with mushrooms in general actually. I really love some kind of mushrooms (chanterelles, enoki, champignons etc), whilst really disliking most of the very mushroomy tasting local forest mushrooms that grow in Estonia.

Marzipan. I really really don’t like marzipan. It’s like this terribly sweet glob of a thing *shudder*

Raisins and most other dried fruits and berries that have a chewy and half gooey texture. A sure way to ruin any pastry or cake for me is to put raisins in it.

Sweet meat dishes. I prefer my meats savoury thank you very much. There have been very rare exceptions to this rule. For instance, that delicious duck leg in cherry sauce I had at Rataskaevu 16 that was simply delicious. Then again the duck meat itself wasn’t sweet, it was just served with a sweet sauce. I think. But most of the time I really don’t like sweet meat. Like this American style BBQ pork pizza we had a few weeks back was just disgusting to me, because it felt as if the cook had accidentally dropped a whole pack of sugar to the cooking meat, and things like sugar glazed pork or honey marinades make me want to shudder by simply thinking about them. Meat is not a dessert, people! D:

I think these are the main food “NO!’s” for me.

Day 5 – Things that made you happy today

  • When boyfriend made me coffee in the morning. He often does that, but for whatever reason it always gives me a good and giddy feeling.
  • I wrote a few difficult e-mails I have been putting off for way too long already. They were a bitch to write, but I’m happy I got them done.
  • A hot cup of instant miso soup.
  • I managed to do some laundry and wash most of the dishes.

I guess that sums it up. Not very many things, but since I’m a big worry pants and an emotional wreck recently and tend to cry at least once if not twice a day, I’d say today was a good day. I managed some crap and only cried once. So yeah, one of the better days, even though I didn’t make any progress in any of the important things.

Lazy day… 22. October 2016

 Omelette with rice, bacon and onion + some avocado and a cup of coffee.

 Pumpkin macaroni and cheese with some salad.


It was a pretty pointless, but a nice day. We spent most of the day in bed and then took a long walk in the evening. I felt good and rested as long as I didn’t think about my thesis.

Happy birthday, honey!… 21. October 2016

 Birthday breakfast for boyfriend: scrambled eggs with a wonky bacon heart and a cup of coffee.

 Rice with sprats and some tomatoes + rye bread with butter and bacon.

 Rice with bacon and onion + salad.


It was my boyfriend’s birthday. I made him breakfast and we drank our morning coffee together. That was pretty much all the celebrating we did, but it was still lovely. I would have been up to doing something more, but he is really not into this entire birthday business.