Day 2 – The latest photo of you and 15 facts

Well the actual latest photo is a selfie I took with a face morph app:

But the latest photo someone else took of me is this one:

Usually I’m the one taking pictures of other people, so I rarely get my picture taken by someone else.


  1. I am terribly afraid of open space next to me. I’m fine looking down from heights if there is a barrier between me and the height, but if there is a possibility to fall off or over the ledge, I get freaked out and tend to jump away from the edge, sometimes pulling whoever is with me along with me. Stairs over big open space and viewing platforms are my nightmare.
  2. I am also afraid of dark water where you cannot see the bottom and I am very wary of mirrors.
  3. I believe in ghosts and spirits. Also I believe that places have different energies to them that can affect a person either in a positive or negative way. The most negative spot I have ever been to is a specific room in my grandparent’s tourism farm. I cannot be nor sleep in that room without developing the worst headaches imaginable. I’ve had terrible migraines every time I have tried to sleep in that room and I have passed out twice, once hitting my head against the bathroom sink. My mother also claimed she had issues with the room, but as far as I know we have been the only two who have been unable to sleep there.
  4. I have seen an UFO. I think I was in middle school and at my grandparent’s place at the time. My uncle’s wife came upstairs and asked me to come out to the balcony with her. She pointed out to me a weird rectangle-ish shaped object above the forest treeline further away. The object had a bright blinking flash running from left to right while it was slowly moving further and further away until it finally disappeared. I have never seen anything like that ever again.
  5. I have a terrible number memory. I can remember zero phone numbers (that includes my own) and I even have to look up my bank password codes every time I used them and they have been the same since I opened the account years ago. I also can’t usually remember people’s birthdays so I have a reminder set up for everyone that matters to me.
  6. During elementary school and middle school, I went to a modelling school where we had dance classes, flower arrangement, classes to teach us how to walk properly on the catwalk and how to do our makeup etc. I hated it with a passion. For a long time I wanted to play volleyball instead, but was never allowed to do that.
  7. Of the people I’ve ever had a crush on/have been in love with, there have been more women than men. I’ve kissed more girls in my life than I have boys. And of all the people (only men) I’ve ever had sex with, most of them have been Japanese.
  8. I have a bad habit of picking at my nails and the skin around them when I am stressed out or nervous.
  9. For a very long time, when I was younger, I wanted to become an actress. When it was time to actually decide, I had no longer any idea, so I just went with whatever option presented itself, which happened to be to study Japanese and Japanese culture in Tallinn University. It wasn’t something I was particularly passionate about at the time, just mildly interested in some aspects of it I guess.
  10. My dream is to move away from the city to the countryside in the near future. I want to be a part-time housewife with an art business on the side. I also want to try growing our own food (just some, no hard-core farming) and maybe raise some chickens.
  11. My favourite season is autumn, because I like colder weather, rain and fog. In a way I also like decaying things I guess.
  12. I don’t have a drivers’ licence and I hope I will never have to get one. I am a very jumpy person and it’s easy to scare me, so I believe I could freak out at something while driving and thus harm someone or myself with the car. I have a strong belief that it’s safer for myself and others if I stay away from driving.
  13. I am a very patient person. I can do very menial and repetitive jobs for a very long time without getting bored. That is of course if the task at hand is easy enough that I don’t have to think about it too much. When it involves some sort of problem solving, I get frustrated and no longer feel comfortable doing it. For instance, I am fine doing repetitive copy-paste fixes on web pages for days, but if I have to find and fix some problem on the page code myself, I get anxious and no longer want to do it.
  14. I always abide by the rules if I know them. Breaking some rule, no matter how trivial, is really upsetting to me. For instance, if a sign says that no one should be at an area past a certain time, I will refuse to go there, even if there are other people still walking around there and the place isn’t really fenced off or anything. One time at a company summer event, we were informed in an e-mail that the venue, where the event was held, didn’t allow guests to bring their own alcohol. In the end I was the only one, who didn’t bring anything, and people made fun of me for taking the note so seriously.
  15. I dislike pineapple on a pizza or in chicken salad with a passion.

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