Day 4 – Your favourite cartoon and why

My favourite cartoon is “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.” It’s mostly about a human boy named Finn and his brother/best friend Jake the dog, who has magical stretchy abilities. They live in a post-apocalyptic world called The Land of Ooo, where they go and have adventures. That show is absolutely bonkers and at the same time it can deal with really deep topics, be utterly creepy or simply heart-warming. It’s difficult to describe to be honest, because the stories vary a lot.

Jake makes the ultimate sandwich:

I love their insane cast of weird characters like Lady Rainicorn, who is a rainbow unicorn who only speaks in Korean, Gunter the penguin, who is the best ever, Marceline the Vampire Queen, who eats the colour red… but it’s honestly not only the fact that this show is so silly and random. Sometimes it feels as if it shouldn’t be a children’s show at all. Sure some episodes are just that- silly. But occasionally it’s like really really fucked up, despite looking all innocent and colourful, and I am so into that.

This deer freaked me out so much D:

Oh and let’s not forget Lemongrab, who went crazy in a very messed up way that resulted in self-cannibalism and this entire creepy dictatorship thing:

Honestly, it’s a fantastic show 😀 Here, have a dancing bug!:

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