Tinarinda Tillukõne

I haven’t been able to update my blog and continue with the 30 days blogging challenge as Photobucket has been down for the third day in a row for me and since photos/pictures are an essential part of my blog… well… I haven’t had anything to post really.

Instead, here is a beautiful Estonian song. It’s sung in a dialect of Southern Estonia and it’s a very sad song. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it why it sounded so sad and why constantly kept tearing up while listening to it, because I didn’t really understand all of the lyrics, but the video conveniently has subtitles for standardized Estonian (and also for English if you are curious). You couldn’t really tell by looking at the video, but this song is about death and dead people.

Sad, but beautiful. I also was lucky enough to be able to see Lepaseree perform live during a small village gathering last summer in the Karula National Park.

Also WordPress announced today that I have reached 500 followers. I wonder if the majority of them are bots, because I know I hardly have 20 people who read my blog. Most of the time I keep this blog for myself, but sometimes I get bitter and sad knowing most of my family and friends never read this. I suppose that I am simply not interesting or important enough.

But doesn’t matter. I am now going to go and nurse my sad soul with a cup of hot cocoa instead.

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