I have access to Photobucket again (for now at least), so let’s catch up with food and life, shall we?… 25-26. October 2016

25. October

 Pumpkin banana bread with pumpkin seeds and peanut butter nibs and a cup of coffee.

 Rice with sprats and soy sauce.

 Mashed potatoes with pumpkin, tomato-cucumber salad with sour cream, grilled chicken thighs. I only ate one of the chicken thighs, because the second one tasted off.

 Pureral gummy. These gummies were okay-ish. I wouldn’t really ever buy them myself, but would not refuse if offered to me somewhere.


I spent most of the day in bed, having anxious thoughts about the approaching job interview I have and just worrying over potentially terrible jobs in my future. Not a good day I guess.

26. October

 Vanilla quark with some oat cereal and an apple. Also had a cup of coffee.

 Spicy and sour soup with rice noodles, carrots, champignons and zucchini.

 Kefir bread with peanut butter and some banana.


I was doing somewhat better that day, even managed to drag my ass to the gym in the evening. So, yay?

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