Photobucket Woes

Hey, everyone, who is potentially reading this. I haven’t been able to access Photobucket for over a week now. The connection simply times out when I go to the page and leaves me staring at a grey error page. When looking at Photobucket support forums it seems that many people, both with free and paid accounts, are having trouble with the webpage despite Photobucket’s maintenance team putting up cheery blog posts about having  fixed all the problems.

I have been a Photobucket user for years and for a long time I had no problems with it, but for the past two years or so it has become gradually worse. I’ve had trouble uploading photos on so many occasions, had an issue where Photobucket automatically renamed all my photos and there have been other times when the page has been inaccessible for a longer period of time. I was thinking of getting  a paid account with them, but now I don’t think I will.

I think I need a new photo hosting service or at least something for backup when Photobucket decides to fuck up again. Which ones do you use and feel good enough about to recommend? I would really like someplace that would be easy to use, that has a simple catalog system and from where I could easily link the photos to my blog. Know any services like that?

All help muchly appreciated 🙂

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